Yemassee SC Traffic Tickets

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Yemassee South Carolina Traffic Ticket Attorney

The Yemassee Police Department writes hundreds of speeding tickets each year to drivers on I-95, Highway 17 and on the surface roads within the Yemassee town limits. If you were cited for speeding or a more serious offense like Reckless Driving or Driving Under the Influence in Yemassee, South Carolina, call Ticket Attorney Christopher J. Geier for a free consultation. While no lawyers have an office in the Town of Yemassee, Mr. Geier is a local lawyer in Beaufort, which is less than a half-hour away.
For such a small town, the Yemassee Police Department writes a lot of tickets. In addition to Interstate 95 and Highway 17, a great deal of traffic flows through downtown Yemassee as travelers make their way to and from Beaufort, Port Royal, Fripp Island and Parris Island. The speed varies greatly through the Town of Yemassee and Yemassee Police Officers are constantly patrolling the roads.

Drivers who receive a ticket in Yemassee are usually given a court date in the Yemassee Municipal Court located at 101 Town Circle, in the Town of Yemassee. While part of the Town of Yemassee lies in Beaufort County and part lies in Hampton County, the Yemassee Municipal Court is physically located in Hampton County. Yemassee holds court on Tuesdays and Thursdays and there is typically a full house on each court date. Sitting alone in the court room, which is in the same building as the police station, can be an intimidating experience for locals and out-of-towners alike.

What Should I Do If I Get A Speeding Ticket in Yemassee, SC?  
Don't give up without a fight! Whether you live in South Carolina or out-of-state, the ticket you receive in Yemassee will most likely follow you for the next several years. While a number of people choose to just pay the ticket, unfortunately, doing so often leads to points on their licenses, insurance increases and possible suspensions. If you drive for a living or if it is a necessary part of your job, paying the ticket without a fight can put your job in jeopardy.

Call a Lawyer Experienced With Yemassee Tickets 
You have options when you receive a ticket in Yemassee SC. Instead of going it alone, call an experienced traffic ticket attorney to help you fight your ticket. Mr. Geier is a former prosecutor and veteran with years of experience as a speeding ticket lawyer in Yemassee. He will assess your case, outline his plan of attack and work to get the best result possible when dealing with the Yemassee officers and court. While some attorneys try to handle traffic ticket cases by phone or by mail, Mr. Geier is a frequent visitor to the Yemassee courthouse and he will work diligently to have your case dismissed or reduced in order to minimize the impact the ticket can have on your license, insurance and job.

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